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The Film
Fong Sai Yuk

Its Origin
Hong Kong

Running Time
106 mins

Martial Arts

Corey Yuen

Jet Li
Josephine Siao
Chiu Man Cheuk
Michelle Reis
Chan Chung Yung

DVD Distributor

DVD Origin
Hong Kong

Region Code

DVD Format

Audio Tracks
Cantonese DD 5.1
Mandarin DD 5.1

Chinese, English

Screen Format

Special Info

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Fong Sai Yuk

Fong Sai Yuk enters into a tournament to fight for Tiger Lei's beautiful daughter. But he decides to lose after taking a look at the girl. not realising that the girl he saw wasn't really the daughter. By accident, he meets the real daughter, but he does not know whose daughter she is! Mother Fong, infuriated by her son's loss, puts on man's attire and enters the competition, and wins. As the rules stated that the winner has to marry his daughter, and after a quick plan by Sai Yuk and his mother, Fong Sai Yuk is forced into the wedding. However, Father Fong, a member of a secret society is due to be executed by a government official, to which Fong Sai Yuk swears to take revenge.

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