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The Film
Return Of The God of Gamblers

Its Origin
Hong Kong

Running Time
128 mins


Wong Jing

Chow Yun Fat
Tony Leung Ka Fai
Chingmy Yau
Wu Chien Lien
Xie Miao
Elvis Tsui

DVD Distributor
MIA - Hong Kong Classics

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Audio Tracks
Cantonese DD 2.0


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Return Of The God of Gamblers

Film Review
Ko Chun is forced out of retirement when his rival brutally kills his pregnant wife. He promises her that he will keep his identity secret for a year, but is soon caught up in intrigue when he rescues the son of a Taiwanese triad boss, Hui. Pursued by the police, the fugitives find shelter with a brother and sister team of swindlers. Along with a kidnapped police chief, this uneasy alliance makes it to Taiwan, where Hui's beautiful daughter sets up the most important challenge of the God of Gamblers life.

This is the same film as God Of Gamblers' Return released by Mei Ah.

The original God Of Gamblers was a good film that introduced a fantastic character, but was let down by some rather irritating scenes throughout its running time. Still, the potential was there for some more cool and stylish stories featuring the man Ko Chun and it was with that anticipation that I watched God Of Gamblers' Return.

Quite surprisingly I wasn't really disappointed with this effort. Granted there are still too many out of place slap-stick comedy scenes, but overall I actually preferred this film to its predecessor. One of the reasons for this was the opening scenes in Ko Chun's French mansion. Guns galore and an onslaught of drone bad guys whose sole purpose it seems is to get shot. Not that I'm complaining as this heralded back to the better action moments from the original, like the car park shoot-out, and set the scene for a good action flick. This violent introductory tone to the film was made all the more brutal when the viewer discovers what has been done to Ko Chun's wife. In all honestly I wasn't expecting the brutality evident in those scenes and sets God Of Gamblers' Return as a far darker film than before. It also labels the film's villain as the unfathomable monster who will resort to anything to get what he wants. The viewer wants him dead, and probably will only have to wait till the end of the film for Ko Chun to outsmart him.

That tone doesn't last too long though as soon the comedy element (that probably shouldn't even be in the film) kicks in and the lighter entertainment begins. Most of this revolves around Leung Ka Fai and Elvis Tsui's characters, and it is with them that we see the gambling start. It is not overly stylish to start with, mainly because Leung Ka Fai is only an amateur gambler; no where near the league of Ko Chun, but things slowly improve with the glorious introduction of Chingmy Yau into the film. She's so cute! Something about her, probably her body and looks to be honest, just makes any film she is in better than it would have been without her, and this is no exception. She's kick-ass, smart and sexy.

Everything builds up with some smaller gambling scenes and more gunfights right until the final gambling scenes between Ko Chun and his wife's murderer. Here everything goes wrong for Ko Chun and the viewer is left despairing over how Ko Chun will turn things around for his favour. The gambling isn't quite as stylish as I would have liked, there is little in the way of flair or creativity, with these gambling matches seemingly more a battle of wits and attrition. Still, it is all very entertaining, even if the twist at the end and its explanation are a tad unbelievable.

I preferred watching this film to the original God Of Gamblers mainly because it didn't have Chow Yun Fat acting like a child. Those scenes annoyed me in the original. This film is more violent and not quite as stupidly slap-stick and the gambling is entertaining if not quite a flamboyant as I would have liked. Definitely worth watching though.


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